Should I Store My Boat or RV Closer to the Water or Closer to Home?

Published on 11/7/2023

Where to Store Your Boat, RV or Automobile

When it comes to the question of whether you should store your boat or RV, the benefits of storage in extending the life of your vehicle are indisputable. However, the dilemma lies in choosing whether to store your RV or boat closer to your favorite water or vacation site, or closer to your home base.

Storing Close to the Vacation Site

Opting to store your RV or boat near your preferred vacation destination or the water has its advantages. One of the most prominent benefits is the reduction in fuel consumption. The cost of gas or diesel needed to drive or tow your RV or boat can be a significant expense, and storing your vehicle closer to the recreation site can save you money in the long run.

In addition to cost savings, some storage facilities near vacation spots offer valuable services such as cleaning and maintenance for your vehicle, providing an extra layer of convenience. This not only spares you the effort of having to clean and maintain your RV or boat yourself but also ensures that your vehicle is always in top condition for your recreational getaways.

Storing Close to Home

On the other hand, there are compelling reasons to consider storing your RV or boat closer to your residence. If you frequently transport supplies and personal belongings between your home and your RV, storing it nearby may be a more practical choice. RVs, in particular, can be challenging to manage when situated far from your primary residence. Having easy access to your RV near home allows for more flexibility and convenience when you need to load and unload supplies or perform maintenance.

Furthermore, if you maintain a fully stocked inventory of living supplies both in your RV and at home, storing your RV near your vacation spot may seem like a logical choice. However, when the need arises to empty your RV or if you have perishable items on board, having it closer to your home can be a more efficient and sensible solution.

Consideration for Your Travel Habits

An important aspect to consider is your travel habits. Do you typically frequent a single vacation location for all your recreational activities, or do you find yourself exploring different lakes, beaches, or vacation sites throughout the year? Storing your RV or boat closer to your most frequently visited spot can be a convenient choice, as it eliminates the hassle of traveling in an opposite direction to retrieve your vehicle and then backtrack to your destination.

Ultimately, the choice of where to store your RV or boat is a personal decision that depends on your individual needs and travel patterns. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and your final decision should align with your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you choose to store it close to your favorite vacation spot or near your home, the goal is to ensure that your RV or boat is easily accessible and well-preserved for your recreational enjoyment.